About Me

Not me

Not me

I’m a young cool hip* lefty who likes to occasionally write up his poorly thought-out opinions on basically everything.

I’m a member of the ALP so obviously what is written here might be a little biased towards the ALP. Though maybe not, I do like sinking my claws into the things I love.

In Twenty-Ten I was work in your child’s school slowly poisoning their mind with my left wing views, so if your kid ever tells you that people should share resources more equitably and that gays shouldn’t be discriminated against you know who to blame.

In Twenty-Eleven I’m working at one of your politicians electoral offices! Doing stuff!

What else do I enjoy besides corrupting the innocent  minds of children? Well books for one, I love books. Biographies in particular. I also quite enjoy the Internet and learning about the way it has changed society (Media in general to be honest.), and of course what nerdy guy doesn’t like Video Games? A fake nerdy guy obviously.

It’s also been said I look like McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) of Superbad fame, I do not.

All my opinions are my own and not the views of any organisations I belong to, or any employer I may have. That goes without saying really.

All works here (bar images I do not own – which will link back to the original source) are made under a:

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